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Tips & Samples

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Sample Consent & Assent Forms

  • Letter of Information/Consent Form Word Icon
  • Oral Consent Script Word Icon
  • Oral Consent Log Word Icon
  • Letter of Information/Assent Form (Plain language for minors & others with

     limited capacity) Word Icon

  • Checklist for Letter of Information/Consent Form Completeness Word Icon

Sample Recruitment Materials and Participant Compensation Guidelines


Sample Interviews Guides, Focus Groups, Surveys and Test Instruments

Sample Canadian Aboriginal People Research Agreement

  • Sample Agreement for Research Involving First Nations, Metis, Inuit Peoples:

    Provided by the Centre for Indigenous People's Nutrition and Environment (CINE) Word Icon

Sample Confidentiality Forms

  • Oath of Confidentiality (for translators, research assistants, transcribers, sound

    or video assistants, or peer researchers) Word Icon

Tips for Completing the Ethics Application Form & Supporting Documents

  • How to Unpack the Methods Section of the Application Word Icon
  • How to Unpack the Recruitment Details on the Application Word Icon
  • How to Reply to the Chair of the MREB after review Word Icon
  • A Guide to Converting Documents into Plain Language Word Icon
  • Data Security Tips for Researchers pdf icon
  • Data Security Checklist for Researchers (shorter version of "Data Security Tips") pdf icon
  • Skype vs. VSee Videoconferencing: Privacy & Security Concerns for Researchers pdf icon
  • Sample Counselling Services Info Sheet Word Icon
  • Ethics Guidance for Conducting Pedagogical Research (Scholarship of Teaching & Learning)
  • Sample Boilerplate Wording for Ethnography Word icon
  • Multi-jurisdictional ethics review by other REBs Word icon
  • Research with Human Participants Conducted Through School Boards Word icon
  • Clear Print Accessibility Guidelines” (A legibility and readability guide for typefaces for the visually impaired) pdf icon
  • Sample SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR Grant Numbers pdf icon
  • Guidelines for the Use of High Risk Test Instruments

Other Sample Documents on the Internet