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Ethics Compliant McMaster Survey Service


The McMaster Research Ethics Board (MREB) and Research High Performance Computing (RHPCS) offers to McMaster researchers going through the ethics review process or who have already received clearance, a free access to LimeSurvey to conduct online surveys. MREB is providing this service because it includes templates that it created that are research ethics compliant. You may also use it for other McMaster non-research ethics purposes.

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Register for an Account

To register for an account to use the MREB approved templates  go the < LimeSurvey account registration form >, or contact Michael J. Wilson ( ext. 23142, for more information.

N.B.: After you submit your form for registration we will still need to set you up with the templates and a login, which generally only happens during business hours.

Login for Registered Registered Account Holders < Here >

Documentation and training material

A major source of support for the LimeSurvey user community is the LimeSurvey Manual. Have a look at the < Creating Surveys Introduction >. The LimeSurvey Forum is a "go-to" place for best practices and useful tips. Support for using LimeSurvey is provided by RHPCS, in particular, . Please contact her with your LimeSuvey questions. For Faculty of Science specific support please contact . For Faculty of Social Science specific support with LimeSuvey contact .

New! Try our sample survey with all the different LimeSurvey question types < Here > . This might help you design your survey. If you want a .lss copy of it to import to your account to see the inner workings, please download it < Here >.

  1. How to Build a Basic LimeSurvey for Beginners
  2. < Sample Survey - All the LimeSurvey Question types >
  3. How to Link Survey A to Survey B to C
  4. How to Upload and Link an URL-Linked PDF Document (i.e. a Letter of Information)
  5. How to Change your Password
  6. How to turn off the Question Index
  7. How to edit the consent preamble in the MREB basic survey
  8. How to View Statistics and Graphs
  9. Expire, Redesign, & Reactivate a Survey
  10. Yes or No Consent Pages require Survey Activation
  11. Branching Logic or Setting Conditions
  12. Adding Tokens for Mass Emails to Participants
  13. Various Special Features
  14. Guide to Archiving and removing data from LimeSurvey
  15. Hosted in Canada Getting Started Video Tutorials - (Commercial LimeSurvey Company)

Instructions on using these templates

You don't have to download all the templates for your survey. We will initially install them for you so when you login you will see them and be all set to edit them for your specific project. You are free to download the templates if you wish to use them on another LimeSurvey server. 

Terms and conditions of use

In order to use these LimeSurvey templates and service, you should either be in the process of obtaining ethics clearance from the McMaster Research Ethics Board, or one of it's Student Research Ethics Committees, or have already obtained it. As well, any McMaster researcher, student or staff, is welcome to use the templates or the service. If your research was approved by HiREB, and you wish to use the MREB ethics compliant templates, you are required to edit the sample wording using the HiREB contact information.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to archive and remove data once surveys have been completed. An exact time has not been determined yet, but surveys deemed to be inactive will eventually need to be removed by the server administration. For example, it may become the policy that surveys that have been closed will be removed after 6 months of further inactivity.

This LimeSurvey is a data collection service and not a permanent archive or data storage service. It is also not the ideal service if you are planning data collection without an endpoint in sight. If you plan on collecting data indefinitely, we recommend pursuing other options like a dedicated website or URL for your survey.

The LimeSurvey service has received a privacy impact assessment from the Privacy Officer for McMaster University.

MREB approved templates to download 

The ethics compliant templates will be pre-installed on your LimeSurvey account, but you can download them here to import to other server instances (New version as of March 31, 2016):

  1. < Basic survey to get started >
  2. < Follow up interview survey >
  3. < Draw survey >
  4. < Templates in Word Document Format >

Templates for the HIREB or Health Science Researchers

  1. < Basic survey to get started >
  2. < Follow up interview survey >
  3. < Draw survey >