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McMaster Research Ethics Tutorial Moving New Location

PLEASE NOTE that the Research Ethics Tutorial at McMaster University will be moving to a new location. The tutorial was refreshed and redesigned on the McMaster LimeSurvey Service. If you have not yet started the tutorial at the old location, please go to this link: or this same link: Tutorial.

If you are an instructor in a course, and have the link to the tutorial in your course syllabi, please update it to this new link.

The McMaster Research Ethics Tutorial was the first online tutorial on the Tri-Council Policy Statement and Research Ethics in Canada. Going live in 2002, it was designed, written and programmed by the McMaster Research Ethics Board. It is not only a mandatory tutorial for many undergraduates in courses at McMaster, it is also mandatory or recommended at many colleges and medical schools in Canada. Thousands nationally and internationally have taken and completed it.

The tutorial doesn't take very long to complete and is a good introduction to research ethics in Canada, as it puts the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans, into the context of how research ethics boards work at McMaster. The tutorial is not be to be confused with the national research ethics certification tutorial called the Course on Research Ethics or CORE, which is stewarded by the Canadian national organization -  Panel on Research Ethics.