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Research Data Management Training & Plans (DMP)

Researchers are increasingly being asked to submit their research data to journals as a condition of publishing. As well, open data policies are creating a need for "repositories" to store data on a long term basis. Researchers (and ethics boards) need to become knowledgeable about how to create a Data Management Plan (DMP).  Revisions to the recent version of the MREB application form will now ask more specific questions for details on data retention.

Towards these endeavours, the McMaster Research Ethics Board supports education and training on research data management. An excellent free online training course on research data management is the MANTRA course, created and hosted by the University of Edinburgh. Here is a link to it:

The MREB would also like to refer researchers to Portage, which works closely with Canada's funding Tri-Councils on research data management and plans:

Please contact our office if you would any questions or would like to learn more.