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McMaster Research Ethics Tutorial

Research Ethics Tutorial at McMaster University
Social/Behavioural & Qualitative Research

Research EthicsTCPS

The tutorial could take as long as 30 minutes, and it is recommended that you work through it all at one siting. There are some quizz questions to answer correctly in order to proceed and a printable certificate of completion at the end.

This tutorial is about human research ethics at McMaster University. It is intended for all researchers (i.e. faculty, students, staff) and members of research ethics boards. The frame of reference for this tutorial is Canada's Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. As you study this tutorial, your familiarity with this policy will develop. There are 10 quizz questions within the tutorial that must be answered correctly in order to proceed to the next questions.


  • Research Ethics and Codes of Ethics
  • The Tri-Council Policy Statement
  • Defining Research
  • The Ethical Review Process
  • Informed Consent
  • Submitting an Application
  • The Approval Process
  • The Ethics of Medical Research
  • Qualitative Research in Social/Behavioural  Science and Humanities
  • Codes of Ethics and Online Tutorials
  • Sample Cases
  • Certificate of Completion

Please follow this URL to the Tutorial: